I'll be honest with you, I have wondered more than once what it would be like to join a beauty pageant, but told myself my vital stats are probably not what is required & the pragmatic side of my parents would have scoffed at the idea anyway! I've always been curious to see what are beauty queens like in person, what do they get up to during the process, and whether they're as fit and strong as they are slim and beautiful.
When the organising crew approached ash be nimble to be a part of this year's pageant, I jumped at the idea and was excited to be a part of the health & fitness journey of the finalists, to see if we could help inspire the finalists, introduce them to the ash be nimble  active & adventurous lifestyle. To spice things up for this year's Miss Universe Malaysia finalists, I brainstormed with team ash be nimble and we put them through a series of fitness + fashion photoshoot challenges to find
The Next Face of ash be nimble!
Survival Of The Fittest - Surprise Trail Run!
The finalists’ journey to go the extra mile with ash be nimble took them to a forest for the ash be nimble Trail Run + Surprise Trail Relay Race during Orientation Week and Check Point Week! We eased them in with a group trail run for Round 1 in October 2016. This was during Orientation Week, so the girls were still getting to know each other and themselves as a public figure. Many were still also just about to embark on their fitness training regimes. It was a good way to break the ice with them and a great opportunity to show them our favourite playground, which are the mountain bike trails at Kiara. 
Round 2 was aimed at being more intensive, with a surprise trail relay race in the trails. We split the girls into 3 teams - and each girl had to complete 2km on her own. I was genuinely surprised and impressed with the lack of drama. There was friendly and healthy competition, there were the stragglers and also the speedy ones, but every girl supported her team members, did not once put anyone down, and also were genuinely happy to see the other teams do well. 
Spending time in nature is always a joy, and we had a reward waiting for them at the end of the run, which were customised tee's with their names at the back. I wanted to remind them to #gotheextramile, for themselves, for each other, for their friends & family, for their fitness journey, and for the environment. I'm sure a pageantry journey is not easy - especially when you are harshly scrutinised on every aspect: your looks, speech, fashion sense, fitness, public appearance, on camera, with young and old alike. I wanted to make sure that we had a fun and healthy environment for the girls to develop their confidence and active habits!
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The girls were greeted in the a.m by our friendly ash be nimble pacers.
Dressed from head to toe in ash be nimble's activewear, The MUM17 Finalist are geared for the trail run challenge with founder, Hui Mathews.
Founder, Hui Mathews leading our fit finalist through Bukit Kiara TTDI trails while the girls show great strength, endurance & grace.
"The first trail session came as a complete surprise to the girls. They were informed at 5 am the same morning that they will be going out for a fitness activity but the nature of it and the location were not revealed..."
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Who Is The Next Face Of Ash Be Nimble?
It's hard work (bruises, bumps, grazed knees) running through the trails, positioning yourself + apparel fashionably, while dangling from silk ropes, hanging from hoops and posing on poles!
Catch The 18 finalists of Miss Universe Malaysia Official 2017 by tuning in to DIVA TV Asia on DIVA Channel 702 | DIVA HD Channel 723
Behind the scenes: The Hoop Girls looking radiant in Freedom & Meshmerise Sports Bra paired with Poppin' Pleated Skorts + Rush Hour Shorts.
(From left to right) Dewina, Sonia, Samantha, Savina, Olle, Erica
Behind the scenes: The Pole Girls confidently posing in Freedom & Meshmerise DESIREE Sports Bra paired with Rush Hour Shorts.
(Top from left to right) Michelle, Peh Leon, Tammy, Nicolle
(Bottom from left to right) Gina & Maegan
Behind the scenes: The Silk Girls sporting some fun and NEW ash be nimble gear in AMANDA Sports Bra & ADELINE Leggings + Hit-Girl & Hooked On A Feeling Support Singlets paired with 3/4 & Full Length Leggings.
(From left to right) Jaspreet, Karshini, Dana, Laura, Tana
Full episode of Finding The Face Of Ash Be Nimble photoshoot here:

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