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be inspired by everyday malaysian heroes in fitness
Malaysia is full of extraordinary talent and tenacity, of ordinary girls and guys going beyond themselves to inspire and influence others.
This is our #GOTHEEXTRAMILE series, the start of many stories to come that we hope will inspire you when you're in doubt,
to run that extra kilometer,
to wake up that extra hour early,
to invite that additional person to workout,
to stay in the ring those extra few minutes,
to start that fitness business idea,
to do that one more burpee,
to eat that one less nasi lemak,
to sign up for that extra core class,
to lift that extra kilogram,
to open that fitness studio,
to push on those few more moments in a race,
to say that one more encouraging word,
to go the extra mile.
christina chan
employee 001 I gyrotonic instructor I fitmum
After 18 years at an MNC, Christina Chan decided to change her priorities. She quit her high paying job and took a leap of faith in becoming ash be nimble's very first employee. Follow her story of our humble beginnings and the very brave step she took in working towards a passion she believes in deeply.
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hui mathews
founder of ash be nimble | mother | trail runner
In collaboration with Passion Portraits, we get to know the founder of the brand herself and how she embodies ash be nimble's mantra to go the extra mile in every aspect of her life. Recently completing a 16km trail race in a time of 1:38 and placing 2nd in the open category, this new mum shows the same drive and determination to get back on track after her first pregnancy and to drive affordable fit fashion in Malaysia and beyond.
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azran osman-rani
CEO | ironman | geek
Azran Osman-Rani - In collaboration with Passion Portraits, we learn how this CEO of iFlix went from playing in the Ultimate Frisbee West Coast Championships to being overweight, to 14 full marathons and 2 ironmans.
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shidah mohd
yogi | management consultant | studio owner
Shidah Mohd - In this collaboration with Passion Portraits, we gain insight on how this consultant at Ernst & Young discovers her passion for yoga and opens a studio of her own to help expand the yogi community in Malaysia.
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carolyn au yong
commonwealth games gold medalist | rhythmic gymnastics school founder | coach
Carolyn Au Yong - In collaboration with Passion Portraits, we learn how gold medalist Carolyn went from a group of 10 students to more than 400 in her rhythmic gymnastics school to develop budding talent in Malaysia.
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rezhan majid
basketballer | sports community engager | entrepreneur
Rezhan Majid - In this collaboration with Passion Portraits, find out how Rezhan was inspired to make a difference in the Malaysian sports scene by introducing community sports leagues to Kuala Lumpur.
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tony persson
father | coach | ironman 70.3
Tony Persson Tony goes the extra mile as he has 2 daughters, makes the time to train himself and others for triathlons, and also encourages his girls to get active and love it. Read on to get inspired by his journey to train, qualify and compete in the World Championships for the half and full ironman distances. 
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nik harris
fighter | commentator | hustler
Nik "The Hound" Harris - In this collaboration we have with Passion Portraits, Nik shares with us his story of how he went from having a desk job and being overweight, to one of the first few Malaysian MMA fighters to fight in the One Championship Arena. Find out how he was inspired to #gotheextramile.
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lesley lim and amran of kl barbarians
dragonboater | captain | lawyer
The KL Barbarians Dragon Boating Team - In this collaboration we have with Passion Portraits, Lesley, team captain, and Amran, vice captain, gave us more insight on the team's origins and their journey on competing for the CCWC. Here's what they had to share with us, about how they  #gotheextramile.
pahlawan girya malaysia 
kettlebell | warrior | family
The Pahlawan Girya Malaysia Kettlebell Lifting TeamHan, Amelia, Azlan and Douglas, a bunch of cheeky, fun-loving kettlebell enthusiasts, shared their kettlebell journey with us and how they and the rest of Pahlawan Girya Malaysia  #gotheextramile.  
karen siah
fitness instructor | ironwoman | former gymnast
Our first feature is Karen Siah's journey; we share her insight into what it's like motivating herself and others to be stronger, fitter and faster. She is an ex-rhythmic gymnast and a certified personal trainer. Karen regularly races and wins triathlons and marathons. She is the founder of KiaKaha Fitness and together with her fiance, she trains and races all over the country.
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