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Hui Mathews: Founder, Designer, CEO

Hui Mathews founded ash be nimble in March 2014, starting from a humble beginning - launching the first collection of sports apparel with only 2 sports bra designs and 2 running shorts designs. Now the company has grown within a short period of time - launching a full range of sports apparel for men, women, children and also a muslimah range- becoming one of the most recognized homegrown active wear brands in Malaysia.

Hui's Background:

Hui began her career in the consulting field- leading various projects in companies such as PwC Sydney, E&Y Kuala Lumpur, AirAsia and The Boston Consulting Group, KL. Hui enjoys a variety of sports activities such as basketball, trail running- running 50km-70km trail races around South East Asia- placing in the top 10.

Driven to lead and share her passion to live a healthy and fit lifestyle- Hui began her dream to create a sports wear brand that was both affordable, practical and stylish- keeping her styles to below RM100 each!

Hui is now a mother of a baby girl born in December 2015 and she maintained her fitness lifestyle throughout pregnancy and post-partum. She is an advocate of eating healthily (in generous portions) and staying active throughout pregnancy, and if resumed after sufficient rest post-partum, will greatly assist in a smoother process and recovery overall. 

To find out more about Hui you can read her story and watch a video here

Community Connection:

Hui believes in supporting the everyday men and women- who struggle daily to keep healthy lifestyles while juggling family and career commitments. Since its debut, ash be nimble has participated in many community activities such as hosting trail runs and fitness events, running clinics, talks, yoga classes, and collaborating with other local and international fitness enthusiasts , media personalities, athletes, entrepreneurs-  that share the same passion- helping the community at large to keep fit and healthy.

Throughout  the years, ash be nimble has collaborated & supported several local and international brands such as Malaysia Women Marathon (MWM), Curves Malaysia, Nestle Nestum, FitRebel, Impressed Juices, Organica Lifestyle, PurelyB, Amazing Graze, GoGet Malaysia, Yogaonethatiwant, Quib Quinoa, 4HoneyNaturally, Dah Makan, Signature Snack, Kia Kaha Studios and many more!

Brand Vision:

Hui stays true to ash be nimble’s motto- “Where fitness knows no borders, boundaries or body types,” believing that everyone should strive to lead healthy and fit lifestyles- no matter what level they are in life, whether they are fitness buffs or just kickstarting a fitness regime. The important thing is to focus on being positive, never give up and keep striving to reach those fitness goals!

You can read more about ash be nimble activities here. 

what do we make?
we have a range of women's, men's, kids and muslimah athletic activewear at affordable prices designed with the everyday person in mind whether its a light workout at your local gym, a walk to the neighbourhood cafe or an intense run.
each range is limited edition and designed by fitness enthusiasts passionate about running, stretching, strengthening and going the extra mile to make pieces stylish, simple and functional.

what fabric do we use?
our current range of sports bras, support tops, shorts and crops are made from nylon and spandex.
this blend of lycra and nylon make for:
1. great stretch ability
2. lightweight and soft fit
3. good moisture management
our customers have used it for a variety of low to medium intensity activities: running, trail running, hiking, yoga, dance, jazzercise, zumba, cycling, muay thai, cross fit

how can you contact us?
if you have any questions about your purchases, order or for new stock, make sure you email us or drop us a message on facebook! we love getting feedback so feel free to drop us a few thoughts on our products or services so we can get better at making you affordable & fashionable gear!
drop a line to:
ash be nimble is wholly owned by ash be nimble sdn bhd 1132015K


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