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Posted on August 11 2017


Now, who said skorts aren't for the gym ??

Dana Low workouts seamlessly in our new Christina Skorts + Fox Tank. If you want to get your heart pumping and look good while doing it, here's a workout you can follow! 


100 jumping jacks will get your heart pumping & give your an adrenaline high for a good kick start to your workout. 


100 squats are a sure fire way for a glute workout. If you want to kick more of your own ass, don't be shy to add some weights!

Don't forget to squeeeeze your glutes when you go up; great for a firmer butt & thighs.   



70 crunches will be able to flatten out your abs by ridding any evidence of the heavy nasi daun pisang you had for lunch.                     

Go-to for tighter abs. 


20 pushups hits more than two birds with one stone by working on your abs, arms, shoulders and chest.

Keep low, do not arch your back & keep your abs tight throughout.




10 burpees will keep your heart pumping to burn those fats. If done right, it's great as a full body straight training.

Be sure to pump your legs out & squeeze your glutes when you jump to work your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings and ... abs! 


20 dead lift - shoulder press - squats  don't be afraid to add a little challenge to the routine and maybe bring out those hidden muscles. 

You are going to need weights for this one, so it is optional.

When attempting the deadlift make your back is straight as you lower down, roll the weight against your hip till slightly below the knee then slowly come back up. Do this to avoid injury.

For Shoulder press roll your shoulders back before attempting to push up. 


1 min plank might feel like the longest minute of your life but it'll help lock in all your hard work. Tip: focus on your breathing or sing along to a song to help you power through it.

Make sure your back is straight & not arched, abs and glutes are tight and focus on your form to get the best out of the torturous minute. 

Flex, sweat & repeat these 6 easy steps for another 4 sets and trust me, there will be no evidence of your weekend of indulgent eating *wink 


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