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Posted on October 12 2016

Hui: Adrian is a friend whom over a casual conversation realised we had the same mission to feature local, inspiring individuals making a difference in Malaysia. PassionPortraits team are responsible for the beautiful photos and write ups for each of our 6 main features. They really did go the extra mile, waking up at 6am, renting drone cameras, hopping into the pool and in the trails with our feature subjects.  


“There was this one year where I looked back at all the work I’d done and I realised that everything I did was short-lived. What did I gain from it other than money? I wanted to do something that truly mattered. I wanted a bigger purpose.”

How and why did you get into the art of storytelling?

Having completed a degree in engineering, Adrian discovered that his passion stemmed from his ability to capture and remember moments in people’s lives through his camera.

Is there really more to life?
Listening to people’s stories and their passion resonated with him which sparked the idea of merging both his love for the camera and storytelling. This birthed his project – Passion Portraits – a group of individuals who share about Malaysians and their stories.

Shooting challenges

Adrian: There are many times where I do doubt what I do. Why would I want to go through so much hardship just to build something from scratch, you know? But what drives me is knowing that I have a bigger purpose than to just produce another video.

There are many passionate people around me who have influenced me to be where I am today – that is the privilege I have. But not everyone has the same kind of access to people who are passionate. What I can do is to share this with them.

“I believe we can create a culture where we start talking about the stories of people around us. Why do we want to travel and leave Malaysia? Why does it seem like we do not enjoy it? Of course, there are many things that need to be fixed."

Going against the flow
Adrian: Growing up, I observed people who go through the motions but every now and then, you will find someone who will say, “Let’s open a café” or “Let’s start a piano teaching class” and those are the people who remind me that there is so much more that you can do with your abilities.

“The difference lies in the people who actually do something.”

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