New year, new you, new set of fitness goals

Posted on January 27 2017

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Bottom row, left to right: Samantha, Hui, Amanda, Melissa
Top row, left to right: Christina, Adeline, Mei

Get to know the ash be nimble team through their (attempts at) fitness resolutions in 2017, and reflection on 2016!

Hui Mathews (Founder, CEO, Designer):

2016 was a bit of slow year for me: My goal was to get back into some kind of shape after pregnancy, within 9 months. A friend once told me, 9 months to get out of shape, and 9 months to get back in! :) So I took my time and made sure I didn't rush back into it to allow my body time to heal post-delivery, and to make sure I enjoyed time with my baby.

For the first few months of 2016 it was nice not to have pressure to wake up early and train in the trails, and I used it as time to bond with my baby by taking her on hikes in a baby carrier. To be honest it was not easy at all getting back into shape when I attempted to go for a run, 3 months after delivery. Instead of gliding through the trails effortlessly for an hour, I found myself gasping for air after 5 minutes. My first contact back in the trails was a frustrating 20 minutes of walking, jogging, then clumsily hiking the remainder. 

Eventually I built up enough courage and discipline to get back into running once a week, and did my first come-back race in August at the FRIM Forest Trail Run, where I placed 2nd in the women's open 16km category! My second and last race for 2016 was the Action Asia Events Janda Baik Trail Race of 18km where I finished 6th overall, and 1st in my age category (25-29 year old women). It was a painful race, getting cramps and feeling exhausted due to the lack of training!

My 2017 goals are to:

1. run at least twice a week (for at least 45 minutes each time)

2. workout twice a week to strengthen my core and abs and to stress less!

3. I also want to take my baby swimming at least once every 2 weeks!

4. help the ash be nimble team achieve their fitness goals through group workout sessions and making sure they leave work on time on the days when they want to go out and exercise!


Adeline Yew (Sales, Events & Ops):

Reflecting back to 2016, it was a year of courage, challenge and change. Pre-2016, my regular sports activities were tennis and swimming and nothing else. For 2016, I wanted to see myself trying out at least 1 new sport to challenge my own fitness levels. I need to watch what I eat by eating less processed and fried food, and choosing healthier options. Occasionally, I'd reward myself with some heavenly prawn mee and char kuey teow after a good hiking session but I keep the portions to a moderate size.

My fitness journey started with hiking at Bukit Kiara with Hui once a month during our Dash monthly trail run. Then it became twice a month and at times, I managed to drag myself to do it once a week. I think I can say that I deserve a pat on the back as my trail trips have become more regular.

Taking it one step at a time, I am determined to be more disciplined in 2017 by going the extra mile with at least 3 sessions of workouts in a week- a good mix between swimming, hiking, and tennis.

I'm aiming to improve my performance in the three activities rather than trying new things for 2017 because trail running was something new for me in 2016. So I want to maintain that activity and see myself doing better by knowing the trails in Bukit Kiara better so that I can go in on my own. No excuses for not knowing the trails!


Amanda Lew (Social Media & Digital Influencer):

My 2016 goals were to eat healthily and to be more open to different types of sports/fitness activities. 2016 was a challenging year as I went from being extremely unhealthy to targeting a healthier and fitter lifestyle. It was a tough journey but I managed to enrol in different classes such as rock climbing, yoga, hiking, trail hiking and even being more aware with my diet. I didn't manage to stick to regular fitness sessions, but found myself understanding what sort of sports I prefer and enjoy. 
Eating healthily is still part of my daily life (with the occasional cheat days for pizza and fried chicken), I have become more careful with what I eat. I didn't achieve a great deal for my fitness goals in 2016 but I discovered so much more of myself through my fitness attempts. I was supposed to push myself by joining a 10k trail run but with my unfortunate fate, I snapped my ankle instead.
2017 will not be too different from 2016, my fitness goals are still to keep a healthy diet and also incorporating better attempts at working out (hopefully I will fall in love with cardio by then). My biggest fear is cutting out sugar and sodium in my diet but I have put in the effort to start focusing on eating right rather than stress eating unhealthy snacks. I may not be the fittest person but I intend to never say no to an opportunity to explore new and fun ways to work out. If it means taking dance classes or waking up at 5am to jog - I will do it.  


Christina Chan (Sales & Stockists):

My goals in 2016 was to compete and complete my favorite races that I've missed in 2015 due to the haze and looking after a loved one who was ill along with finding the time to train regularly in all 3 disciplines of the triathlon. A few notable races that I've missed out on in 2015, and managed to accomplish in 2016 are:

1. Penang International Triathlon
2. Port Dickson International Triathlon
3. Standard Chartered KL Marathon
4. Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships

In 2017, my goal is to train regularly and participate in the same favorite races; as I did in 2016 but more importantly to allocate time to EAT WELL after starting bad gastric problems this year from eating late meals or not fueling enough after sports.
In addition to my usual training for races, I would like to allocate time to go back to the basics of shooting hoops and playing squash with the kids! Just discovered they are quite good HIIT!


Samantha Yam (Customer Service):

I always set out to learn something new in martial arts and for 2016 I took up MMA at Global Elite Gym. It’s a lot tougher than Judo because of the contact, but the class has amazing people! They've made the learning process so fun for the past year and that’s another reason to keep at it!

I have been suffering through injuries in 2016, the kind that require proper rest. It's really difficult to ‘have to look for something else to do’ to fill up the time I would normally use to go for class. Still, going and just observing on occasions is just down right frustrating, not to mention having to adjust but I had to anyways. So, I'm really looking forward to healing properly and levelling up!

I have very strong thoughts about competing in 2017 and everyone at the gym have already signed themselves up for fights next year. Meanwhile, I would like to develop my ‘skills’ even further and broader; as a personal achievement.


Mei Ping (Intern):

Thanks to Facebook, I managed to find my 'Goals of 2016' and two of them were related to fitness! The first one is to exercise thrice a week and the second is reaching 50kg. I didn't reach either lol

The first three quarters of 2016 was spent being a college kid who had a part time job at a trampoline park, but I guess that didn't count as 'exercising thrice a week' since I was at work six days a week. I've learnt mid year that the numbers on the scale doesn't matter (as I continue eating more and more ahahah)

My fitness goals for next year is to exercise every (other) day and get into a hobby that is an exercise that only requires one person (so I wouldn't need to plan in-between clashing schedules!)

After joining ash be nimble, I have already been exercising every (other) day since Kiara hills is less than 5 minutes away via drive! I would love to run on the hills, but one of my legs wouldn't let me so I take walks in the evening after work. I do occasionally jog and run, when I'm timing myself. I do plan to #gotheextramile by cycling to the mrt near my house and taking it to work! Get a bit of miles in before work, and after work :)

Towards the last two month of 2016, I've actually tried out a few new sports such as long boarding and hula hooping and will be going back to swimming in 2017!

There's a few things I aim to accomplish in 2017:

  • Have a smoother flow in hooping
  • Hike Mount Bromo in Indonesia, and two new local hills (I've done Tabur Hill, Broga Hill and Saga Hill so far)
  • Join at least THREE trail runs/marathons


Melissa Przybylski (Part timer):

My fitness goals were to join more yoga and pilates classes in 2016 and thanks to the sessions that we have at The Den, I managed to join more classes and gain more knowledge even though I had uni during the week and work when I wasn't studying. Therefore, this meant no excuses!

I would definitely like to join more sessions and gain more strength in my core and abs as the year progresses. I have a really bad posture so yoga would help to lengthen my spine. I also have a huge fear of heights but managed to overcome a huge step of it by going wall climbing several times. It feels great to overcome the fear and I hope that I can fully do so by going more often next year.

As for my fitness resolutions for 2017, I have so many! But I’d have to say that I would stick with going to the gym at least twice a week. After injuring my knee in November, I wasn’t able to walk or lift anything but now that it’s much better, I'm going the extra mile to make sure I do my stretches for my knee at home and aim to get back in gym! To add on, I enjoy being in nature and discovering beautiful waterfalls, so I’ll also aim to go hiking at least once every few months.

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