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Posted on November 28 2016

At ash be nimble, we value developing talent and leadership, especially by taking on interns and making sure they DON'T do photocopying and coffee-making. We go the extra mile to make sure we give them ample opportunities to get involved in EVERY aspect of our startup - from photoshoot prep work, to social media content creation, stocktake administrative work, managing our website content, writing blog posts, preparing and running our pop up store booths & events, and catching our entrepreneurial spirit!

Aliesha was ash be nimble's very first intern who hopped on board in the midst of one of our busiest months as we were preparing our first look book content and launch event. She is smart, dedicated and willing to learn every aspect of our business and we were very fortunate to have such a passionate and diligent person join us. In this article, Aliesha shares her experience of working at our online sportswear company. Go behind the scenes and find out what Aliesha has to say about her journey with ash be nimble. We hope this will inspire you to join us.



Team Photo at the Extra Mile Look Book Launch

What attracted you to ash be nimble?

I’ve always been very passionate about both fitness and fashion, and I love working at startups. So when I came across the internship opening at ash be nimble, I thought to myself “Wow! This literally sounds like the best combo of all my favourite things.”

I was also really attracted to the idea of wanting to make fitness more affordable and accessible to everyone. Coming from a person who loves to work out, I completely understood the struggle of needing at least 3 sets of athletic wear in a week, but being a university student, I could not afford the luxury of brands like Nike and Adidas. Knowing that I would be interning for an activewear brand that isn’t just homegrown, but is also both affordable and of great quality makes me feel very proud.

My first Ash Be Nimble Event: Ramadhan Fit Series Bazaar



One of the classes for the Event: Hot Hula Dancing



Tell us what are the first few memories of starting work / interview / encounter with the brand.

On the day of my interview, I already had an idea of how super chaotic and kelam-kabut the job would be. Hahaha. I had just arrived at the den, to find that there were a bunch of people there collecting race kits for a race that was happening that weekend, I could see one of the girls busy packing up orders to be sent out, and then Hui arrives with her baby Asha in her arms to come interview me. You can sort of picture how overwhelmed I felt in the situation. So many thoughts were already running through my head like “oh gosh, it seems like it’s going to be a really crazy job”, “wow this business probably needs around 20 people to get things done but they’ve only got 1 full timer, and 3 other part-timers. That’s going to leave me with a lot to get done.” and “there’s only ever going to be around 2 or 3 other ladies with me here at the den everyday, what if I get really bored?”

I thought to myself, you know what? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. So I took the offer and braced myself for what was going to be the most hectic 3 months of my life.


Manning the booth at the Standard Chartered KL Marathon Expo

Can you describe to us what a typical day looks like?

Basically, a typical day in the den would be like for me is I would get in at around 10 in the morning, and the first thing I would always do is update my to-do list and check on what needs to be done for the day. Then, I would check and reply emails as well. I would usually spend the first half of the day taking care of all things digital. For example, writing blog posts, or coming up with captions for Facebook or Instagram posts. Then I would grab my lunch from downstairs, and bring it back to eat as I work because there’s literally always so much to do that I feel even lunch breaks would be a waste of precious time for me. Haha. After lunch would usually be the time that I handle the physical things that need to be done in the den like organizing the store room, counting stock, replenishing the stock on display, pack items if I need to, help set up photo shoots if needed, and just like that, the day just flies.

From one of The Dash Trail Hiking Events


Job scope sometimes includes babysitting in the jungle

Name the top 3 things you have learnt throughout your internship with ash be nimble.

The top 3 things I have learnt from my experience at ash be nimble are:

1. How important it is to get organized.

Hui had always stressed from the beginning of my time there, how important it was to have a to do list and to keep it updated at all times. Taking her advice, I did my best to keep to that, and I really feel like it helped me manage myself and kept me efficient. Every single second I spent at the den was always extremely productive.

2. To always be flexible.

What I love most about interning at startups is the fact that your job scope will pretty much cover anything and everything. Not only that, at startups there is always the opportunity to be creative, to experiment and try do things in different ways. That means that you’re only going to have to be a million times more flexible, because the more tasks you have, the more changes are eventually going to have to be made.

3.To treat the brand as my own.

Out of all the internships I had done, I felt like my time at ash be nimble was the most fruitful. I realize it was because I took the initiative to always treat the brand as if it was my own. I took every little task assigned to me very seriously and I would always think of ways I could do things better for the benefit of the brand.

Team Karaoke Session!

Founder of Ash Be Nimble with her favourite interns

Every job can get hectic (especially for start ups) - Can you share with us what are some of the most challenging moments you had?

There were definitely a lot of challenging moments because it was all a learning experience for me. But the most challenging of them all would probably be a day in my first week working there. I had only just learnt the basics of how things functioned in the den. The girl who would usually do the packing of items for customers couldn’t come in because she was sick, so I had to do all the packing by myself for the first time. For some reason, just at the crucial moment of needing to finish up the packing before the PosLaju guy comes to pick everything up, around 3 different customers decided to come in and needed help picking out sizes, a few kids arrived for a photo shoot in our new kids shorts, I had to set up the photo shoot area, find the right sizes for the models, plus I was the only person in the den at that moment, and just as I was about to go finish up the packing, the PosLaju guy arrives and I’m still not done with the packing. Hahaha.

Manning the booth at the Jaya One HEAL Bazaar

Brand Mascot

Aside from all the work, are there moments you feel like you've achieved something great? Tell us more about it. 

Honestly, almost every single day of being at ash be nimble, I would leave work feeling like I had achieved something new. As I mentioned previously, the job scope pretty much covered anything and everything from writing blog posts, to packing orders for customers, to helping to extract numbers for auditing, to working at events, to managing classes, to counting stock, sometimes babysitting and the list could go on for days. Hahaha. So there were always a lot of new things I needed to learn and get used to. Every time I was assigned with a new task, and I manage to complete it well, I’d feel pretty proud of myself. What really motivates me to stay enthusiastic despite all the chaos was the fact that I always felt like my efforts were never unnoticed. My boss would always have the most encouraging things to say and it always made me feel like doing things better.

My super emotional farewell 

My favourite team photo

How do you think your experience in ash be nimble will help you for study / career / personal / outlook or perspective?

Throughout my experience at ash be nimble, I was always surrounded by such inspiring women. I was especially inspired by my boss Hui, and I sincerely hope to someday find something I’m completely passionate about, and use that passion to do something beneficial for the world, just as she does. I really want to thank her and the rest of the A-team at Ash Be Nimble for making my time there such an amazing experience. The fact that they always took what I wanted to gain from this internship into consideration, and gave me the freedom to do things independently had really helped me grow as a person.

One of my favourite role models



Interested in joining ash be nimble? We are always looking for NEW faces to join us. Sign up for an internship with us TODAY and email us @ or simply PM us on Facebook and Instagram. We are happy to welcome you! 


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