how fast can a beauty queen run? 2km trail relay time trial with Miss Universe Malaysia finalists

Posted on January 26 2017

 The Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 finalists taking a group shot before the trail event. 

ash be nimble is the proud activewear sponsor of Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 and seeks to go beyond providing apparel, but to also inspire the finalists to go the extra mile to achieve their fitness goals and become confident, active and healthy role models for others.

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To help Miss Universe Malaysia '17 finalists challenge themselves physically in an outdoor and fun environment, the ash be nimble team hosted 2 fitness events and a fitness photoshoot. The emphasis was not on weight loss but on increasing stamina, fitness levels and introducing trail running as a sport and alternative workout to indoor gym activities.

In addition, we are passionate about increasing awareness of green lung areas in KL which are experiencing threat from development and erosion. Hui Mathews, the founder, CEO and designer: "I hope to be able to assess the finalists through these activities to select the next face of ash be nimble; a girl who is able to demonstrate strength, confidence, a resilient attitude and also the ability to go the extra mile in fitness and how she inspires those around her. This will be announced in February 2017."

The race was held in two different formats for the 18 finalists- the first session was a 4km group run to introduce trail running as a sport, get them outdoors, and gauge their level of fitness. The second session was a competitive trail relay race with the girls split into three teams; each individual had to complete a 2km loop on their own. We had volunteers and fitness trainers from Fitology to help guide the girls and support them.

Group photo of the girls before the start of their challenge. From left to right, top row; Dewina, Michelle, Jaspreet, Dana, Sonia, Maegan, Tammy, Nicolle, Erica. From left to right, bottom row; Peh Leon, Savina, Zara, Ollemadthee, Samantha, Tanalaksiumy, Laura, Gina, Karshini.


Participants are led by our founder, Hui Mathews in the warm up session to ready themselves for a casual trail run.

The first session was a casual 4km loop which most girls were able to finish in under an hour. It was held in the first week of October 2016 during Orientation week so that the finalists were able to assess their own fitness levels and serve as a benchmark for when they returned in December during Checkpoint week for the next trail session. The first trail session came as a complete surprise to the girls. They were informed at 5 am the same morning that they will be going out for a fitness activity but the nature of it and the location were not revealed.

The group split clearly into 3 types of pace groups: those who regularly run or with athletic backgrounds who were leading the pack, those who do some fitness activities, and those who were just starting out on their fitness journey. All finalists finished around the 1-hour mark.

One of the finalists Samantha who previously injured herself had to sit the event out. Meanwhile, national sprinter Tanalaksiumy sustained a minor ankle injury after completing the trail.

Participants blazing through the trails as they keep an eye out for tree roots and loose stones that could make them lose balance.

The Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 finalists walking into the trails.

The second session encouraged the finalists to get a bit competitive, push themselves and foster teamwork. The 18 finalists were split into three relay teams; the winners from an ash be nimble photoshoot challenge got to choose their team. Each girl had to finish 2km in the trails on their own. The winning team, led by Laura Simons, completed 6 x 2km of trails in 1:41:39, second team was led by Peh Leon completing in 1:42:43, and the third led by Samantha with a finishing time of 1:49:07. Individual timing for the 2km loops was recorded and the four fastest finalists were Samantha (00:13:39), Laura (00:14:00), Tana (00:14:13) and Nicolle (00:14:38). Hui who is an avid trail runner also ran with the finalists and clocked a time of 00:11:39.  The results were outstanding: the girls really outdid themselves, as 2km in muddy, uneven and hilly trails with the added pressure of not letting their teams down.


Relay team ‘Banana Leaf’. From left to right; Maegan, Samantha (Team Leader), Tammy, Ollemadthee, Michelle.

Relay ‘Team Fox’. From left to right; Dewina, Karshini, Laura (Team Leader), Erica, Nicolle, Jaspreet.

Relay team ‘Nana’. From left to right; Savina, Peh Leon (Team Leader), Dana, Sonia, Tanalaksiumy, Gina.

The first runner from each relay team dashed into the trails as soon as soon as the whistle went off.

Savina (in pic) running across a wooden bridge to cross a small stream.

Maegan (in pic) chasing after her team members so she can pass her baton to the next contestant.

Peh Leon (in pic) pushing herself as she comes close to the end of the trail.


At the end of the trail run, all the girls were awarded ash be nimble finisher tees customised with their name on the back and “#gotheextramile” as a souvenir and reminder to always go above and beyond to motivate and inspire themselves and the people around them in their fitness and personal journeys.


The 18 finalists along with the founder of ash be nimble, Hui (middle), in their finisher ash be nimble tee customised with their names at the back

ash be nimble will be announcing the Face of ABN in early 2017 from one of the 18 finalists. The Face of ABN will win a photoshoot contract with ash be nimble + cash + product prizes. Team ash be nimble is looking for a girl who embodies someone who is willing to #gotheextramile in their fitness journey and in how they treat themselves and the people around them.


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