#findthefox: kids trail treasure hunt in collaboration with Tony Persson & La Juiceria

Posted on December 06 2016

Hui, founder of ash be nimble: 

We came up with the idea to organise a trail event involving kids and parents, since it is school holidays and there aren't a lot of events in the trails for kids. We wanted to encourage kids to get outdoors, and the whole family to get active together. Inspired by pokemon-hunting - we devised out own little fox-hunting activity! A good way to reward kids for waking up early and being active! 

We had people calling in last minute to ask us to let them sign up even though we originally capped the event at 50 adults + kids. Quite an overwhelming response as we ended up having more than 100 people including volunteers and our own crew turn up on the day!

Here's a recount of our recent #FINDTHEFOX kid's trail treasure hunt by our intern MeiPing:

thedash17findthefox group

Group shot of 107 kids and family participants from The Dash 17 #FindTheFox 

After scoring a spot at an internship position with ash be nimble, I was told that we wanted to hold our monthly trail run session 'The Dash' with a lil twist. So my first assignment was to prep and help make the event a success! Collaborating with La Juiceria in conjunction with Move-vember month, they very generously donated 70 sets of breakfasts and 140 juices for all participants!

We wanted everyone to go home with something so we made sure we also threw in RM1700 worth of tokens in the form of stickers with our fox logo on them. There were 3 types of fox stickers kids could pick up, each representing RM5, RM10 or RM20. We also prepared La Juiceria food & juice tokens - 2 to redeem a free juice, or 3 for a free breakfast. All in all, we had 450+ tokens for the 70+ kids to redeem! Something for everyone. 

Our team woke up really early to lay out the 400+ tokens at 630am, the morning of the event. We wanted to make sure that no rain, bike, person or animal would remove the tokens put in place. We were also preparing right up till the last minute for goody bags, water, repellant, and making sure we had enough juices, breakfasts, prizes and apparel for everyone. We had kids and babies ranging from 3 months to in their early teens. Mums, dads, aunties, uncles and all sort of family came to join in the fun! It was such a fun atmosphere and we were really happy to see so many eager and excited faces. 


Personal trainer, Tony Persson briefing participants on the treasure trail hunt before entering the trails. 

Armed with mosquito repellent on a Saturday morning, the participants gathered at the Kiara trails and were briefed by Tony Persson before entering the trails.

The trail route was set by Hui & Tony and was around 2km long with 3 different checkpoints. Each checkpoint was a stop to collect the tokens from La Juiceria and ash be nimble. The kids were so excited and did an amazing job being nimble and dashing in and between the bushes! They literally turned the jungle upside down and picked up every single token we had laid out (more than 450!). 

groupchildren thedash17

Children darting in and out of the walking path, looking high and low for the different coloured fox tokens and La Juiceria tokens.

thedash17 goodiebag

After the trail run session, participants were given a goodie bag from ash be nimble with our lookbook, a #gotheextramile car sticker, a bottle of chilled Omega Hydrator from La Juiceria to refresh themselves after the run and directions to Goodness Greens Cafe, TTDI.

thedash17 goodnessgreens

Enjoying some photos outside Goodness Greens Cafe

Happy families finishing up their hard-earned breakfast at Goodness Greens Cafe 

Adeline & Mei Ping packing up our redemption station at La Juiceria's Goodness Greens Cafe where participants exchanged their tokens for our apparel!

Watch our highlight video from the event!

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