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Posted on September 28 2017

dolores ash be nimble review d'yoga hub Photo Source: Dolores of D'Yoga Hub
The NIMBLE NETWORK is ash be nimble's community of fitness studios & local fitness entrepreneurs we love working with. Here are their inspiring stories, what inspires them and how they inspire others to lead active lifestyles!
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We recently spoke to Dolores, founder of D'Yoga Hub located at Tropicana Avenue and here is what she has to say:
"I started practicing yoga 10 years ago, and have been practising diligently every day before heading out for work, as I felt that Yoga helps to build my mental faculties, and smoothens my emotional 'sine curve', thus making me a better and more effective team player at work."
Dolores is a certified yoga instructor earning her 200 Yoga Teachers Training Course Certificate 2 years ago. She aims to encourage others particularly working adults  to practice yoga and help them achieve a better work-life balance through yoga. She currently conducts multilevel group classes. 

d'yoga hub tropicana pj ash be nimble review classes in PJDolores is wearing our flyaway tank in greyhound
Tell us about your personal background - what do (did) you do as your day job?
I am a property economist with a property investment holding company. My job involves evaluating prospective business viabilities, and building complex models on excel. My job is fulfilling, illustrious and coveted, yet demanding and challenging at the same time. It is very important to be highly efficient and alert when working in a fast-paced environment.
What is the one thing you love about owning/running your studio?
More than 2 years ago, I decided to further enhance my understanding of Yoga poses, and to develop my passion in Yoga by taking up a 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) with a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga studio. 
Initially, I did not have the intention to teach. In one opportune moment, I was given a chance to teach at a Yoga studio, and my passion for teaching blossomed since then. 
Running D'Yoga Hub as a studio lead enables me to share the joy of Yoga with others, and at the same time enables me to acquire soft skills to complement the hard skills acquired through my day job. Thus, enabling me to achieve work-life equilibrium in a wholesome manner, whilst spreading love and joy.

    d'yoga hub tropicana pj ash be nimble review classes in PJ      

    Types of classes & difficulty level (beginner/ intermediate/advanced)

    Multilevel classes:

    1. Hatha
    2. Vinyasa
    3. Ashtanga led (coming soon)
    4. Free or by donation community classes
    5. Pop-up classes and workshops
    Is there a favourite quote you like to share with us?
    Amy Purdy: "Challenge yourself, go for it whatever it may be. We are much more capable and powerful than we will ever know"

    Can you describe to us what your students are like? 
    Working adults seeking to be in a 'mind, body and soul workout', and to achieve work-life-emotional equilibrium with Yoga.
    d'yoga hub tropicana pj ash be nimble review classes in PJ

    What inspired you to start the studio/space? 
    Ash Be Nimble's quote - #gotheextramile

    Can you tell us more about your fitness journey? Any goals?
    Fitness background: I did ballet for 3 years when I was young but did not pursue it further.
    Yoga goals: To be in the moment with full present moment awareness, to savour each breath.
    Help us provide potential members with useful info on your studio:
    We are a small boutique studio, focused on providing an exclusive learning environment for our students, so that every teacher is able to provide hands-on assistance and attention to all students. 
    Other additional information 
    • Class difficulty: Multi-Level, beginner friendly
    • Location: Ideal location with accessibility via MRT, free off street and above grade parking
    • Service Friendly teachers
    • Design Good ambience 
    • Price: $$ Value for money

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