Team ash be nimble at Bangi Wonderland Nature Run 2017

Posted on September 27 2017

Team ash be nimble Hui + Adeline + Amanda and our ambassador Sammy James take on the Bangi Wonderland Nature Run for a fun-fit girls' morning out! 

The 10km course was an undulating dirt track in the palm oil plantations which took 311m of elevation with 2km tarmac portion. The 3km fun run went around the neighbourhood roads surrounding the theme park.

Hui: Contrary to popular belief, I don't torture my team with marathons and crazy HIIT workouts. We're regular girls struggling to find time and motivation to workout! So sometimes, a 3km fun run is all that's required just to wake up early, get outdoors and sweat in style! Above all that, bonding over 1970's singalong tunes during the 40 minute car ride and having fun taking silly photos together is definitely the highlight. Added bonus was coming in 2nd place in 53 minutes 18 seconds, and Sammy taking 3rd place in 1 hour 6 minutes. We need more beauty queens on race podiums!

The A-Team together with The Face of ash be nimble, Sammy at the start of the day.

(From left to right) Sammy, Adeline, Amanda & Hui

Photo source: Chan WK


The 6 am view at Bangi Wonderland Themepark

Photo source: @amandalovexm

Hui running her way to a 2nd place finish! New Fox Sign! :) 

Sammy finishing in 3rd place for the 10km Women's Open

Adeline & Amanda at the finish line of 3km fun run

Cheering on Sammy for finishing 3rd place in the 10km Women's Open Category.

(From left) Sammy, Hui, Adeline & Amanda 

The girls pose in their favourite Limited Edition Msia Fox Tank while waiting for prize ceremony


Adeline & Amanda cooling down at Bangi Wonderland Themepark after the race....

....while enjoying delicious & juicy watermelon 

prepared by the lovely and helpful staff!

All refreshed from the drinks & watermelon


Presenting Hui & The A-Team

Cause you know....Adeline & Amanda? (A)??



Adeline handles all our events, pop up stores and operations at ash be nimble!

My last run was during Action Asia Malaysia - Janda Baik Trail Run in November 2016. Since then, the only sport that I've played is tennis. I've had an extended break from May till September 2017 (so lazy, I know, don't judge!).

Things changed when Hui suggested to sign up for the Bangi Wonderland Nature Run as a team outing. In my mind, Bangi? a little far but Wonderland?! Themepark? *eyes shining like a kid given a candy* must be fun! so yeah let's go! but WAIT how many KM? 3KM ONLY, a fun run, to kick start my fitness goals for 2017.

On Sunday morning we travelled together to Bangi Wonderland, a neighbourhood scale theme park with fun water activities for family with young children in a quiet and new township (sort of a mini Sunway Lagoon). It was lovely to watch the sunrise on an empty blue-ish sky in a serene neighbourhood

The 3km category started at about 7.35am. We ran, jogged, speed walked and climbed through residential areas, roadside food stalls (smelling nasi lemak at 7.40am with an empty stomach ain't funny when you can't eat yet), up and down the main road/highway junction and ended back at Bangi Wonderland in less than 30 minutes. Most inspiring was seeing fathers pushing their toddlers in a pram running non-stop! That made me think 'wow, maybe I can try pushing my niece/nephew for 3km next time if they don't get bored or cranky sitting still'?

In the afternoon after the race I started feeling a little sore on the quads, perhaps some punishment and a gentle reminder from my body that I need to get back into shape for Asics Relay Kuala Lumpur 2017 on 7 October! 

The girls with host, Kelvin

Samantha Katie James after the race



Amanda handles all things digital. Yep, you guessed it, social media, websites & all that online magic!

I am never much of fitness goals person prior to working in ash be nimble. When I was a kid, I was into sprinting & dancing - on and off I will dedicate myself to the gym but I had since lost interest in keeping a healthy and fit lifestyle. Joining ash be nimble's team back in April 2016 changed my life, I didn't know there are so many different ways I could kickstart my fitness journey - this was when I decided to dedicate my first month to yoga. 


It's been 6 months now, I've been practicing yoga every week, started hiking every weekend & even challenged myself by joining my first ever 12km race for Puma Night Run 2017! (Mind you, my last "race" was a 3km Colourun in London back in 2015!) Telling myself "If I am capable of finishing a 12km, the next race won't scare me." So naturally, when Hui told us she signed us up for a 3km fun run for Bangi Nature Run, I was excited! I finally got the chance to run with my team after failing at joining our previous Action Asia Trail Race (due to a sprained ankle)


On the night before the race, I was ever ready to sleep at 9 pm to wake up at 4 am! Had everything packed, ready anddddddd.....I couldn't sleep. Haha. I don't know why I was so nervous. I had the worse fear of cramping after cramping at 3km in my Puma Night Race. I eventually got an hour of sleep, got ready, grabbed brekkie & met up with the team. Thank God Hui was driving! The road was so dark and barren on the way to Bangi Wonderland Theme Park - but as we arrive, we caught the sunrise & the place was a literal child's wonderland. 


We started by doing some minor stretches & dancing (to 2015 hit songs haha) while waiting for the race to commence. When it was time to finally run, Adeline & I started pretty strong. I was determined not to drink any water until after I pass the first km. It was very nice to run by the side of the small town road. We had a nice view of the big road, the kampungs and warongs at the side & even ran pass some dads pushing the tram up the small slope. I was tired, but I was thankful that Adeline was there to really encourage and push me to keep going, never stop! I eventually ran/jog for about 2km, rehydrate and pushed through the last km. To be honest, I didn't know whether the route was short or whether we finish a little too fast haha but Adeline & I celebrated by running hand in hand together past the finish line all within 25 mins! 


Happy with my "results", we rewarded ourselves by chomp down freshly cut watermelon & rehydrated ourselves! I was also happy that we manage to catch Hui & Sammy past the finish line - winning 2nd & 3rd place in the Women's Open Category.


Despite running on only 1 hours of sleep, I was energized after the race. I even won something from a lucky draw & met so many friendly runners. The sore only really came the next day and instead of doing hot yoga like every Monday, I decided to let my body rest. I know a lot of seasoned runners will think I'm so silly for feeling so achieved bout a 3km fun run, but this race has brought me closer to my team. It almost felt like we could take over the world - the only 4 girls wearing full-on ash be nimble activewear, making so much noise & FINALLY taking tons of pictures together! (the inside joke here is that we barely have any team photos cause we 'forgot how to team')

Goodbye Bangi Wonderland! We had a great time!




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