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Posted on November 30 2016

30 November 2016, Wednesday

Christina Low from The Star Online joined us for our monthly trail run class, The Dash #16 and managed to capture her experience with us in print (Metro section, centre spread!). Find out why Christina decided to participate in a class and how she fell in love with trail running.


Occasionally Ash Be Nimble organises trail runs for children and families too.

NOTHING beats a run along the trails where you do not know what adventure you will encounter in the jungle.

Trail running is often known to be slightly more challenging compared to road running but it certainly brings out a dose of unexpected fun at every outing.

I stick closely to a few rules of my own. One of which is I will not do a trail run on my own.

Secretly, I fear taking a wrong route or path as most trails have no particular road sign and all trees pretty much look the same when in the jungle.

The last time I decided to head to the trails alone, I got lost and ended up tagging along a few strangers who were kind enough to show me the way out.

However, trail running is still a favourite sport and I often find myself signing up for a race despite having limited time in the woods.

When I made a detour to Ash Be Nimble’s site to check out their new sports attire after an advertisement popped up on my Facebook timeline, I stumbled upon their events section where Hui Matthews organises monthly trail runs (she calls it, Dash) for beginners and those like me who are looking for some good company.


Our group at Dash's 16th edition trail run at Taman Lembah Kiara.

Being an avid runner herself, Hui started Ash Be Nimble in 2014 with the hopes of providing Malaysians with more affordable sportswear without having to fork out a high price, and has not stopped since.

After paying RM10 and signing up for Dash online, I waited patiently for our meet on Sunday at Taman Tun Dr Ismail and was pleasantly surprised with the turnout.

It was 7.30am and a mix group of 20-odd participants from beginners to serious runners had turned up for the 17th edition of the monthly run and we were all waiting for Hui’s arrival at the playground.

Although we had never met, I could easily recognise her from her vibrant coloured attire and neatly tied ponytail as she made her way towards the park.

To my surprise, she was not alone. Hui was carrying her 11-month old daughter, Asha, to join the morning workout with us.

Hui noted our attendance and proceeded to explain a few general rules before we made our way into the mountain bike trails of Taman Lembah Kiara.

Certain parts of the trail will lead you to the adjacent park of Bukit Kiara where you can opt to exit and continue your journey on the road.

She led the group on what she refers to as brisk-walking pace as we found ourselves keeping up with one another. It was hard to tell where we were heading especially being newbies to the route.

Hui made random stops to make sure we regrouped whenever she saw a group of mountain bikers.

“Always make way for them, after all it is their trail,” said Hui before we entered the trail.

She was right as there were a handful of hikers and runners on the route.

Each time she yelled “bike!” out loud, we stood aside giving enough space for the bikers to pass by.

We also made stops at the top of Bukit Kiara park where the route had taken us to.

Taman Lembah Kiara has a mix of flat and hilly terrains giving us a good morning workout.

After two hours of walking, running and some photo-taking along the trails, we were back at the park where we began.

“Dash was something unplanned,” said Hui who came up with the monthly activity after a few friends asked her where they could train for trail running, while others were curious where her Ash Be Nimble photo shoots were taken.

She also had requests from friends who wanted to bring their young children to the trails but did not know how or where to start.

“Some people are afraid to go into the trails alone and feel safer to be in a group which is why we decided to organise Dash,” said Hui adding that the distance remained between 3km and 4km.

Our group had a brief break as we gave way to the mountain bikers to access the trail path.

The final Dash run, for the year, is on Dec 3 where there will also be a one-hour yoga session at the park after the run.

Next year, the 30-year old is looking into organising easy-to-follow sessions with new mothers who are looking for a good workout during and after pregnancy.

Wanna join us for our next The Dash? Click here to sign up and find out more about our other events!

Photography and text credit: Christina Low, The Star


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