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Posted on February 28 2017

Why do we organise classes at The Fox Den?

ash be nimble aims to make fitness accessible to all, so apart from affordable and stylish apparel, hosting affordable and community classes suited to all levels of fitness is a part of our effort to provide a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for the public to try out various fitness activities and to kick start their journey to a better and healthier life.

Founder Hui is keen on everyone being able to test out a class (or the instructor, we know everyone has their preferences) without feeling intimidated or pressured to sign up for a package! AND we are keen to feature budding / independent instructors or studios and redirect traffic back to them!

Bookmark our website registration page so that you won't miss out on our classes! You can also sign up to our newsletter to get updates when we launch new classes!

Where are our classes held?

We host classes at ash be nimble headquarters which is called ‘The Fox Den’ and situated in Damansara Kim. We also go offsite to various locations as suitable, including the trails in Taman Lembah Kiara TTDI as well for our trail running and hiking series ‘The Dash’. 

Are your classes beginner friendly?

Our predominant target audience are first timers and those who are interested to regain their healthy lifestyle after a hiatus. We provide supportive and friendly atmosphere together with knowledgeable guidance to instil the right method and mindset to stay fit and healthy. You get to plug into our community so you can meet other like-minded people and get fit together!

What classes have we held?

Some past classes held at The Fox Den include Mat Pilates, Hatha Yoga by Steph, Strala Yoga by Grace, Yoga for Running, Injury Prevention & Maintenance Talk by Spinefit Chiropractic, Self-defence at the park with Jeet Academy KL, Special Edition of The Dash: Kid's Trail Treasure Hunt.

One of the recent classes we organised was the Mama & Bub's Yoga at Fitology. We know how hard it is to find the time or energy or babysitting to work out when you are busy with your baby! We're keen on supporting mothers and families get active & build healthy habits in kids from a young age. 

We usually charge a minimal commitment fee of RM10 as we like to keep the classes and sessions small to ensure that there is sufficient space from everyone and adequate attention from instructors.

We also host a variety of lifestyle events in support of charity and other entrepreneurs who are friends of ash be nimble. In December 2015 we hosted a Christmas bazaar featuring a range of local artisan entrepreneurs, in May 2016 we hosted a Mother's Day Fit-Charity Sale where customers would receive special discounts when donating sports apparels, shoes and accessories as donation to the Fugee School. 

We organised The Great Relay KL Kids’ relay series in May 2016 to encourage families and kids to get active and have fun together.

Founder, Hui Mathews leads the monthly Dash trail clinic at Taman Lembah Kiara, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. We have held more than 10 of these so far. The format is usually a 1-1.5 hour 4km hike in the secondary jungle of Bukit Kiara. It is a wonderful opportunity for people easing back into fitness or wanting to try hiking or the first time. We have many regulars, families who join us and it is a great way to meet new friends.

We planned a Kids Dash Trail Treasure Hunt in November 2016 to get kids interested in the outdoors and in fitness! We saw over 100 parents, kids, volunteers join in on the fun, with La Juiceria as our key sponsor for prizes in the form of breakfasts and juice!

Mat Pilates by Joanne from Zenith Pilates was our first class hosted at The Fox Den in conjunction with our launch sale on October 31, 2015. Mat pilates is a gruelling session which tones and strengthens your core.

Strala Yoga is an easygoing style of yoga with no sanskrit or chanting involved. It emphasizes on deep breathing with feeling good connections with your mind and movement. We are honoured to have Grace Khoo, the only strala certified instructor in Malaysia to conduct this class.

Yoga For Running is a creative yoga session which is led by Cynthia Wong who incorporates regular stretching techniques with some basic yoga moves. Although it can be more beneficial to runners as it tackles the most used muscles during running, it is also suitable for beginners who have never done yoga before. We have many who have experienced their first yoga class with Cynthia as it is targeted at being a friendly and easy environment for people to try out yoga!

We have a large community of runners who are friends of ash be nimble and we know that injuries are usually unavoidable. Hence, we brought Spinefit Chiropractice to The Fox Den to impart in-depth knowledge on the methods to prevent injury and maintain our 'engines' and various body parts to serve us longer.

To spice things up, we have also had a fun total body dance workout at the Fox Den i.e. the Hot Hula fitness class in collaboration with Freida from the Backstage Dance & Fitness Studio. It is inspired by the dances of the Pacific Island and the moves focus on increasing strength and working out the abs, glutes, quads and arms.

Who are the trainers or coaches?

We use these classes as platform for our stockists and partners to showcase their capabilities. We ensure they are certified and have a passion for encouraging ‘newbies’ to get fit! :) We also make sure they enjoy making work out routines as much fun as possible!

Rules and regulations?

We charge a nominal commitment fee which can be redeemed for store credit when customers attend the classes (this excludes our large scale events like our rooftop birthday party!). We like to encourage people to commit to their classes as it encourages more discipline in getting fit.

How can I get involved? I am interested in hosting a class!

If you are interested in teaching a class or activity with ash be nimble please email, we are always looking for fun and active things to introduce our ash be nimble followers to!

We also do offer our little studio space for a very minimal rental, so if you'd like to host a private talk or class, you may also email Adeline (as an example, we have a Hypnobirthing instructor who teaches 4-5 couples every Sunday at our space!).

We're all about encouraging any form of active or health-related classes so we welcome these requests! We are happy to go the extra mile to help you make it happen!


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