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Posted on May 10 2016

I was privileged to meet Katherine Switzer at the inaugural Malaysia Womens Marathon in March 2013. It was a momentous occasion as I did my first ever road race in Malaysia which was the 8km category, so it was rather fitting that this race for women only really did help me kick start my running journey. It was an extra special event for me as that was where I also got the inspiration to start ash be nimble, something affordable and stylish for girls like me starting out on their fitness and running journey!

Just in case you didn't know who Katherine is, she is essentially the woman responsible for paving the way for other women to run marathons!

In 1967 Katherine Switzer created a furore by being the first woman to run a marathon (by sneaking in). It was only in 1972 that marathons officially allowed women to participate!


Photo: Hui & Katherine at MWM 2013

With this in mind, the range celebrates women going the extra mile to break limitations in fitness, fighting the odds, stigma and the voice in your head that says you can’t. I never thought I'd enjoy running as much as I do, and I never thought I'd ever run in a skirt either, so I guess the lesson learnt is never say never! :) 

I thought for our latest collection we'd go back to fun & flirty pops of colours, pleats, glitz from the 50's. My designs for latest collection of Dashin' Shorts, Poppin’ Pleated Skorts and Swingin’ Singlets (Y-Back) are a nod to femininity especially the 1950’s where the pleated skirt made its debut. They carry our usual signature style of exuberant, happy colours which we love as it brightens any workout or race! 

Also because I know you girls love VARIETY, our pleated skorts come in 9 different colours, striking Y-back singlets in 7 different colours, and shorts in 6 bright combo's for lazing around the pool, sipping milkshakes or turning heads during your next tennis game or marathon!

Here's some trivia for you, every year at MWM marks something special for ash be nimble and I:

MWM 2013: My first road race & I managed to complete the 8km category in 8th place! It also inspired me to start ash be nimble as I could not find anything stylish to suit my budget for additional running gear!

MWM 2014: ash be nimble is launched, with 2 sports bras + 2 running tight shorts at the expo!

MWM 2015: ash be nimble celebrated our 1st birthday, and I celebrated my personal best of 10km at 46 minutes and 48 seconds

MWM 2016: we managed to get the running skirts out in time for MWM 2016, celebrating our 2 year birthday. we dressed the pacers in our pleated skorts, men included!

Some fun photos from the 'meet the pacer' session below! I love MWM expo and all the fun activities leading up to the race event itself - race director Karen Loh puts on a good marathon + expo! Herself a runner and a mother of 2 boys, Karen is a great source of inspiration and goes the extra mile to empower and strengthen women, especially through MWM. There is always a celebration of girls who are doing their half or full marathon for the first time!

To see our collection online, click HERE

Photo: Meet the pacer session at MWM 2016

Photo: Meet the pacer session at MWM 2016 with race director Karen Loh, and pacers showing off our custom Nimble Tees printed with #G O T H E E X T R A M I L E 


Photo: Full Marathon 4:15 pacers Stephanie Case and Jeri Chua who are usually ultrawomen runners!

Photo: Have never missed a single MWM race and MWM 2016 was another special, fun one for Hui!


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