Christmas came early at The Fox Den

Posted on November 29 2015

Minnie Munir - part of the ABN team shares her story of Christmas at The Fox Den.


We decided to take it upon ourselves the responsibility of granting the wishes of everyone who asked for great discounts on workout gear (and other cool things) this Christmas!

coming to the end of a wonderful year, we figured it was ash be nimble’s turn to give back, so that’s what we did; and thus came around our very first Christmas Bazaar at The Fox Den – a day of artisan friends coming with hand-made cards, candles, crocheted goods, clay jewellery, art, coffee, baked goods and more!

we started off the day with a Pilates session by the lovely Joanne from Zenith Pilates – the ladies who signed up for this seemed to have a great time, working their strength, flexibility, posture and enhancing mental awareness. I felt at peace just watching them do it!

after that, we had all our artisan friends coming by to set up stalls of yummy food, jewellery, arts & crafts and more! Then, when the clock struck 11am, we were beyond excited for customers to finally drop by and shop all our amazing vendors, and our own workout gear too!

we all know the struggle of wanting to eat and avoid exercise around Christmas time and the holiday season, so to help you stay motivated we placed special deals and promos on ash be nimble apparel.

Who doesn’t love comfy, affordable and cute workout gear?

we hoped that this would encourage more people to drop by to browse all our styles, but we never expected as much support as we got. It was safe to say that, being the only person working from 11am-6pm, I did not get a chance to sit for long enough to eliminate the chance of exhaustion by the end of the day. Still, it was easy to ignore that I had been on my feet for 7 hours because of the amazing turnout – and also because Hui kept passing me stuff to eat and drink. I even managed to squeeze in a few minutes to browse some of the other vendors and grab some things for myself!

everyone who dropped by was really lovely and patient, which made it really easy and fun to get through the whole day. I was also, yet again, inspired by Hui, who continuously manages to pull together amazing things.

we just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came by, all our friends as well as all the vendors/artisans that chose our Christmas Bazaar to showcase their goods at. Hope everyone had a lovely holiday!

checkout our featured artisans here:

1. Watercolour Illustrations by Hsulynn Pang
2. Homemade candles & art by Jasmine Gan
3. Handcrafted Heirloom Blankets by Hooked on a Stitch - Daenielle Isaacs
4. Polymer Clay Jewellery by Hui Li (Kawan Kawan Co)
5. Grumpy Bear Coffee by Sarah Joy
6. Medea & Her Treasures - handmade jewellery by Adora
7. Shimmy & Bake by Sherine & Minnie
8. Ee Vee for the Dignity Foundation
9. Little Mizzy Confectionary goods - Chocolate mendiants
10. Daily Spice by Daily Muscle
11. Jay's Premium Foods by Joy Wong
12. Saranira Ice Cream - coconut ice-cream
13. Free Pilates by Joanne from Zenith Pilates



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