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Posted on May 01 2014

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Karen Siah, Founder and Owner of Kia Kaha Fitness, MY
Creating Athletes
Fitness services for one and all. We coach individuals as well as groups from neighbourhood communities to corporate teams.
why we're inspired by Karen
I've been active all my life, from the little kid in class who could never sit still, to the same youngster in college founding and chairing clubs, to the person I am today, running marathons, finishing triathlons, and of course, starting up my own business in the fitness industry. And throughout all that, I've always had this need, or calling of sorts, to encourage and motivate my cousins, my peers and the people I meet to get up and get going. I am lucky to be born into a sporty and outgoing family with both my parents leading healthy lifestyles. My dad runs full marathons and my mom takes part in many 10 - 15km runs too. Together they go for daily runs, which is a norm to me and my brothers who are also just as active in their own lifestyles. My big brother, Kevin, has done 7 full IronMan races, and my younger brother, Keith was a state level swimmer. So I guess I kind of felt obligated to pass on all this "rich culture" to those who did not grow up in such an environment, hoping that they can see the goodness of it all - that is good, clean health!
the story behind Kia Kaha Fitness
So I studied in New Zealand. I did a Bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science. In the 3 years I had lived there, I notice how active the Kiwis were. The children in school were given plenty of play time in the sun, and they all learned complex motor skills a lot sooner than our Malaysian children do in school. The seniors over there are also active participants of fitness centres, dance classes, yoga, and running! Age is no barrier over there, and I couldn't help but wonder if Malaysians could be that way too. Hence, I decided to come home (shocking many) and embark on this journey to making my fellow Malaysians fit and healthy, but most of all, help them see how much they can enjoy doing it! And that was how Kia Kaha Fitness (which means Be Strong in Maori) started.
tell us how we can be a part of this!
Many big things are in the plan for us for the couple of years to come. We're growing, slowly but surely, and I am happy to say, in the right direction too! I am watching my own dreams unfold and it has been amazing.
You can reach us on our Facebook page (, where you'll be kept up to date on our latest activities and promos. You can also email your enquiry to Karen at be it on group classes (for the public or for your corporate company) or on personal training. OR, if you are keen to join our team as one of our fitness coaches, do contact us as well, as we are always on the lookout for energetic and passionate individuals who share the same ideals as us! Classes are run in Taman Tun Park, Kiara Park, KLCC Park or at mobile locations for Personal Training sessions.
famous last words
The world is definitely your oyster, and with the right mental attitude you'll find that anything is possible. All you have to do is start. :)



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